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Who We Are
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Contact our President

Michael is a Professional Land Surveyor who believes in people. He's always happy to hear you out an discuss your project.

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Geospatial Division

Michael loves to learn new GSI technology and programs. He's the head of our Geospatial Division. Reach out and ask for his insight on your geospatial needs.

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Survey Info

Keith is a certified land surveyor with extensive engineering experience. He's exceptional at boundary surveys and property-line information.

We Offer

Land Surveying Division

Land Surveying Division


Boundary Services

Construction Division

Construction Division

Comps and Calcs

Construction Stakeout

Machine Control Prep (Topcon/Trimble)

Geospatial Division

Geospatial Division

Aerial Mapping

LiDAR (aerial/mobile)

Terrestrial Scanning

3D monitoring


Thousands of projects completed

Over 150 years of combined Geospatial Experience

Recent News

MTPLS Expanding our Geospatial Services

MTPLS Expanding our Geospatial Services Over the past year, we have realized the intense need for geospatial services in the survey and engineering industry. We have been semi-filing this need with our licensed surveyors, but we struggle to keep up with the demand. Michael Trent is a Professional Land Surveyor who believes in people. He's always [...]

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