Traditional Land Surveying Division

MTPLS specializes in traditional land surveying services –  technology meets tradition. We apply the latest technology with traditional precision. Our top priority is high-quality results with exceptional accuracy for every project. With Licensed Professional Staff mentoring our field crews and office staff, we are committed to elite survey results.
  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title surveys
  • Boundary Services
  • Bridge
  • Engineer Coordination
  • Route surveys
  • Right-of-Way mapping
  • Site Control for GPS Operated Tech
  • Topographic
  • Utility surveys

Construction Division

LiDAR, Light Detection and Ranging, is our secret to premium MTPLS surveys. Our drone flies at 400 feet, 40mph (no wind) and captures exceptional point clouds in minutes.
We can scan 100 acres flat acres in under an hour. Not only do we capture the traditional mapping data, LiDAR is able to accurately capture flat areas to 1/10th of afoot! This cost-effective technology ensures you receive premium data files in record time.
  • Wetland Delineation Surveys
  • Mean High Water Surveys
  • Commercial and Residential Boundaries
  • Subdivision Platting
  • Site Calibrations

Geospatial Division

Here at MTPLS, our goal is to stay current with the geospatial technology available. We use 3D laser scanning, LiDAR, and GPS robotics to capture the smallest details of your project. An added bonus when using new renovations, these save the same. We offer cost-effective data while delivering premium results.
  • Aerial Target
  • Static & Kinematic Sensors
  • Registered and Classified Point Clouds
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Image and Graphics Videos