About Us

At MTPLS we are a Team of Geospatial Professionals. Your goals are our goals. We are a value-added partner to any organization. We have over 150 years of combined industry knowledge. We have some of the industry’s experts on-staff in Land Surveying. Mapping, UAS, and all forms of Lidar. We are a Proud Veteran owned business with various local, state, and federal certifications.

“Surveying and Mapping is our main focus. We support your Engineers, not ours. Let us focus on Surveying and you focus on Engineering.”

– Michael Trent (President)


Field to Finish Services – We do it ALL!

Field Services

  • Boundary

  • As-Built /SWM

  • Site Calibrations

  • Construction Stakeout

  • GSI Data Collection

  • Topographic

  • Flood/Elevation Certificate


  • Location Surveys

  • UAS Inspections

  • Machine Control Topcon/Trimble

  • Architecture 3D Laser Scanning

  • UAS Data Capture: LiDAR, Photogrammetry

  • Thermal and Multi-spectral

  • Mobile LiDAR (Mobile Mapping)

  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

  • Construction Monitoring

  • UAS/3D Laser Scanning

Office Services

  • Property Research

  • Topographic Plats

  • Subdivision Plats

  • Boundary Plata

  • Condominium Plats

  • Right-of-Way Plats

  • Accuracy Reporting

  • As-built Surveys

  • Condominium Surveys

  • Construction Stakeouts

  • Construction TakeOffs

  • 3D Modeling

  • LiDAR Data Processing

  • Orthomosaic

  • METES and BOUNDS Descriptions

  • Machine Control Trimble/Topcon

  • Visual Presentation Creation Data/Video

  • PointCloud Generation/Extraction/Processing


At MTPLS we use to perform tasks efficiently ad safely by using cutting-edge technology.

Safety of Life is our #1 Priority!


We have systems in place at MTPLS that ensure our quality standards are never compromised such as:

2nd Look Policy: this ensures multiple sets of eyes on every project deliverable before leaving our organization.


Accuracy or Precision, that is the question. Regardless of the answer we are prepared in the field and in the office.

We use all major industry practices as well as some of our in-house created workflows to ensure our accuracy and precision.


With our field crew depth, use of cutting-edge technologies, and ongoing training our crews and office personnel are some of the most efficient in our industry.

However, we will not compromise Integrity, Safety, Quality, or Accuracy for Speed.